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Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2011

St. Nicholas Day

In Germany and Austria St. Nicholas Day is a big event for all children because of all the sweets this holy man will bring them as a present.
Like Santa Claus he comes at night and fills a stocking or a boot from the 'good childs' with sweets, gingerbread figures, mandarins, nuts or little toys. Thats the old way of St. Nicholas.
Nowadays he comes in person to the families and reads from a golden book all the sins and the good actions of the kid. For every good act the child will get a little goodie for the bad a little slap from St. Nicholas' assistant called 'Knecht Rupprecht' or 'Krampus'.

My children are a little bit to old for such a St. Nicholas visit - but the got some stockings too.

I've made some Gingerbread Men and they got little chocolate figures in there stockings which made them really happy this morning.

Sind diese Lebkuchenmänner nicht zum Anbeißen? Meine beiden Racker lieben sie und ich musste sie schon in Sicherheit bringen.

Wer sie nachbacken möchte - das Rezept findet ihr auf dieser Website, die ich jedem US-Fan nur ans Herz legen kann: